Travelling with the Family? Here’s some Safety Tips for Startups


Our family loves adventure, and one of our favorite activities is fishing. Last summer, we decided to take a trip to Lake Ferry. We knew that preparing well would ensure we had a safe and enjoyable time. So, we carefully packed everything we needed and checked our vehicle thoroughly.

The journey began with packing, as seen on the photo. We made sure to bring sturdy boots for everyone. These boots were important because the terrain at Lake Ferry is soft sand. Good boots kept our feet protected and comfortable, especially when we walked through wet areas. Our child loved exploring, and the boots were perfect for climbing and wading.

Next, we packed our tents. These were lightweight but strong, perfect for camping. Setting them up was easy. and they provided good shelter from the sun. After a long day, the tents were cozy places to rest. We enjoyed sharing stories and playing games inside.

We also brought along first-aid kits. These kits were filled with bandages, antiseptics, pain relievers, and other essentials. It was reassuring to know we could handle minor injuries quickly. We included items like tweezers for splinters and aloe vera gel for sunburns. Having a first-aid kit meant we were ready for any small emergencies. For Safety Officers, I made a checklist of  DOLE REQUIRED MEDICINES which you can download.

For various tasks, we had gloves. These protected our hands when we set up camp, gathered firewood, and handled our fishing gear. The gloves were also useful when we caught fish, as they provided a good grip and kept our hands safe.

Our main activity was fishing, so we packed fishing tools like rods, tackle boxes, and bait. These items were essential for a successful fishing trip. The kids were excited to learn how to cast lines and catch fish. We spent hours by the water, enjoying the peaceful surroundings and the thrill of catching fish.

Food is always important on trips. We brought a variety of food items to keep us energized. Non-perishable snacks like chips, nuts, and dried fruits were perfect for quick bites. We also packed fresh fruits, sandwiches, and meals that were easy to heat over a campfire. Sharing meals by the fire added to our adventure.

A fully charged mobile device was another key item. It helped us navigate, check weather updates, and call for help if needed. We also used it to take photos and videos, capturing the beautiful moments of our trip. The kids loved taking pictures of their catches and the scenic views.

One important step before leaving was a thorough vehicle inspection. We checked the oil levels, tire pressure, brakes, and lights to make sure our car was in good condition. This was crucial because our route included the winding roads of Remutaka Hill. A well-maintained vehicle ensured a smooth and safe journey.

As we set off, excitement filled the air. The drive through Remutaka Hill was beautiful, with stunning views and winding roads. Our child were amazed by the scenery, and we took breaks to stretch our legs and enjoy the view. The car handled the journey well, thanks to our thorough inspection.

Every part of our trip was filled with joy and learning. My wife learned how to fish too, set up tents, and appreciate nature. We bonded over meals and stories, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The thorough preparation paid off, as we could focus on enjoying our time together without worrying about missing essentials or dealing with problems. We made an article about general travel safety guide for you to read too.

This trip taught us the importance of being prepared. Whether it’s packing the right gear or ensuring the vehicle is in good condition, preparation makes a big difference. We were able to enjoy every moment, knowing we were ready for any situation. A successful and safe family fishing trip depends on careful planning and preparation. Bringing the right gear and checking the vehicle ensured we had a wonderful and stress-free adventure. Our journey to Lake Ferry was filled with fun, learning, and bonding. We returned home with great memories and a deeper appreciation for the outdoors. For anyone planning a similar trip, remember that good preparation is the key to a fantastic and worry-free experience. Riding on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) would be a great experience next.

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